Willie The Kid Signs On As Producer Of PBS Langston Hughes Documentary

Hip Hop artist & entrepreneur Willie the Kid has joined on as a producer for I Too Sing America: Langston Hughes Unfurled a documentary slated to be released in 2020 through PBS’ American Masters Series about the great American poet, novelist, playwright, columnist & social activist who rose to prominence during the Harlem Renaissance. Willie & his business partner Jonathan Jelks are joining this project alongside Oscar-nominated Screenwriter Kevin Willmott who has signed on as co-director. Willmott is best known for co-writing Spike Lee’s BlakkKlansmen and the 2015 American Musical Crime Drama Film, Chi-Raq. It is important to note that today would be Langston Hughes’ 117th birthday! In celebration please observe this promotional trailer Directed By Theo “Tekh Togo” Jones.

via dreamdocumentary.org

In regards to his participation in I Too Sing America: Langston Hughes Unfurled Willie states:

“As an African American Writer and creative, my inspiration stems from the legacy of Langston Hughes. I got involved with this project as a tribute to his work. This homage is long overdue.”

For more information about I Too Sing America: Langston Hughes Unfurled see the links below.

Watch Documentary Trailer/Teaser

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