Hip Hop Needs Alpha Magneto

Hip hop group Alpha Magneto consists of emerging emcees O The Great, Alpha_Betic, and dope producer Shadow Magnetic. The blazing hot supergroup released first installment self-titled in February 2016. It’s a competitive body of work that showcases each individual exceptionally well. It’s boom bap at it’s finest. This group delivers elevated bar game coupled with vibrant yet gritty production. Their sound has a unique flair.


Now Alpha Magneto are back with latest single “Chapter 8 (Black Dialect)” off up coming album set to drop next month Hip Hop Needs Alpha Magneto. The project has ten compelling chapters to indulge in. The concept, the production and the penetrating bars have a magnetic pull fans will gravitate towards. The chemistry of the group is enthralling. I respect the originality. Boom bap enthusiasts be sure to add this to your collection. Project droppin’ next month. In the meantime, enjoy this sizzling single!