AG Da Coroner Is ‘The Revenant’ (Interview)

AG Da Coroner is the one guy who is always around, putting in work, but moves in silence. When he finally pops up, you’re like “Whoa, you did that?!” Trading verses with such artists like: Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, Meyhem Lauren, Grand Daddy IU and the Icon himself, Kool G Rap. His resume reads like a who’s who in hip hop.

We sat down with AG to discuss his new single, his upcoming album, basketball, and more.



For those who don’t know who you are, give ’em a quick introduction.

Ag Da Coroner aka Coronelli.

Where are you from?

East New York, Brooklyn.

What was your first break in the music industry?

I started out on J Love mixtapes and kept grinding.

You were featured on “Mack Lean” off Kool G Rap’s last album. What was it like trading verses with an icon?

I was honored. Especially with G being my favorite of all time. A very surreal moment.

How did the collaboration come about?

G Rap reached out and said he wanted me on this project. I was stunned to be honest. I didn’t think he knew who I was. And even if he did, I didnt think he’d think I was worthy just yet.

Looking at your career, you’ve worked with some big names like: The Alchemist, Roc Marciano, Action Bronson and Fred Da Godson. What’s that one collaboration that you’d want to come true?

The one collab that I would love to get is with Nas. I feel like he would bring out a level within me that I have yet to reach.

Roc Marciao, Action Bronson, AG Da Coroner & Meyhem Lauren

Let’s get into your new single called “The Dose”. Definitely a different vibe from your last project. What was the inspiration for this joint?

Just love man. From being a young man with a crush to being an adult who is crazy about a woman. Thats all it took to inspire that record.

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Any ideas on a release date for the new project?

Right now we’re looking at 1st quarter, 2019. But there will be a “Sip the Nectar” cassette release for the holidays and a wax remix shortly after.

What’s the vibe like on the new album?

The revenant is going to be more of a polished project. Much more experienced on this one and not as much pressure. More fun.

Who are some of your influences?

I dont know if any 1 person has been an influence for me. Really just life. That’s really the only thing that has consistently inspired me to express myself.


What would you change about today’s hip hop and what would you keep?

What I would change is the direction of the NY sound. I would keep it NY, but with a fresh twist. What I would keep is the energy these young kids bring to the stage and screen.

Alright, you’re a Knicks fan. What’s your predictions for this season?

I’d be happy if we won 30 games. This is a young talented team that are going to lose a lot of close games, but I’m just happy to be young and competitive. On the right track.

Who’s your all Time NBA top 5?

Jordan, Bird, Magic, Kobe & Iverson.

Who are some of the producers involved on your new project?

This go round we got Doza the Drumdealer from my Narcotechs family, Large Professor, spoke with JuJu (Beatnuts); he wants to work. 88 Keys wants to cook up, GS the Genius, Tre Eiht, just spoke to Nottz, and there’s a few more I can’t let out the bag yet. Huge names.

Any ideas on the title?

The Revenant.


What are some of your hobbies outside of rap?

I just love to watch sports and enjoy listening to old school R&B.

If AG Da Coroner ever decides to unplug his mic, what would he want the game to remember him as?

That I was always honest, authentic, and always stood up for what was right within the culture.


A.G. Da Coroner’s new single “The Dose” is available on all digital platforms as well as his debut album Sip the Nectar. Be on the lookout for The Revenant project coming soon!  And follow him on Instagram and Twitter @agdacoroner for release dates.


And the list goes on…