Scott La Rock Jr: A Bronx Legacy (Interview)

Scott La Rock Jr. is the son of hip hop legend Scott La Rock (R.I.P) of Boogie Down Productions. The Bronx has always held it down for hip hop over the decades. BDP was a powerhouse and a big part of cultivating the hip hop we love today. Criminal Minded was the album that made me fall in love with hip hop. Scott La Rock Jr. is carrying on the legacy of music and creating his own as an activist for the community. We are honored to shed some light on the things he is trying to accomplish. I’m hopeful other people in the hip hop community will feel compelled to use their influence and resources to empower their community and follow suit. This interview is extremely necessary in a time where people need positive leadership the most.

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Who are your musical influences?

I do not have musical influences. I love music as a whole. The drums, piano and other instruments makes music something to gravitate towards.

What hip hop album has had the biggest impact on you and why?

The hip hop album with the biggest impact on me was probably Nas’ ‘It Was Written’. That album talked to me personally.

Tell us about your latest music venture.

I have started my own record label, Scott La Rock Music Group, as a way to pay homage to my father, but also to put authentic hip hop back in the forefront of the culture. I have 3 artists that you should DEFINITELY be on the lookout for in SOS Bishop, Flock Goddy, and Jae Mazor. I’m always searching for more talented artists.

Your father Scott La Rock created a rich legacy with BDP. How did it feel to have a street dedicated to him?

It felt amazing to see my father receive such tremendous honor. It also motivated me honestly. We see someone accomplish something so special and it can do one of two things, make you believe that I you will never reach that status, or it can make you strive for the same level of greatness you witness. I choose to pursue greatness honestly. Fear kills dreams!!!


This year you expressed your feelings about KRS-One. Please explain.

When I spoke on the matter concerning my personal relationship with KRS-One, I promised my people that it would be a one time thing. I have said my piece and that’s where I will leave that subject.

Baby Scott La Rock Jr. sitting amongst BDP legends

An innocent young man named Junior Feliz was killed in The Bronx at a bodega. It sparked great concern and outrage. What did it feel like to see the community come together in such a powerful way? What are your feelings on gangs in the area?

It felt great to see the people of The Bronx come together in this situation. Things like this happen all the time where I come from. Junior isn’t the first situation like this. Luckily, his situation led to mass media coverage that shed light on the bad job these politicians have been doing in the borough. Gangs will always be in Inner City Communites. That’s something that will probably never stop honestly. We have to figure out a way to get the kids who don’t want that life off the streets, so they aren’t in the crossfires of gang violence. Furthermore, a lot of these gang members seek family. They need outlets where they can build relationships and bonds with people that care. Coming from a broken home can lead you directly to the streets and making poor decisions.

You have been doing remarkable things for the community. Your role as an activist is vital to the advancement of the community and it’s youth. What are your plans for positive change?

My plan for change is to simply give these kids places to go and positive things to do. I’m working on a ton of programs. I’m hoping to get off the ground after the Holidays. 2019 should be a good year for The Bronx.

Have you had any breakthrough with government officials to assist in making changes in the community? What do you think the local government can do to empower the community?

Politicians are fake in my opinion. They come when the media is there then go back to hiding behind their desks. So no, I have not made any progress with Politicians and I honestly don’t think they care about the communities.


What do you have planned for the future?

We plan on dropping a ton of music this year. A couple projects already complete and a few more already in progress. We are hoping that this will be a big year for us musically. As far as giving back, we are hoping that the success from our music and merchandise will allow us to give back MUCH MORE THIS COMING YEAR. THE GOAL IS TO CHANGE THE MINDSET OF OUR YOUTH. Show them that change is possible if we allow ourselves to change first. We can’t keep saying we are a product of our environment and use that as a crutch to brave our failures. We can’t be afraid to be different!!!!

Is there a message you would like to give the people?




Thank you Scott La Rock Jr. for granting this interview. We look forward to the new music. However we greatly appreciate what you are doing for the community. What a way to carry on the family legacy! Anyone wishing to help or contribute, click the link below and get involved!