Aye Wun Drops ‘Old Morals New Ble$$ings’ EP

Putting it down for Queens, New York, Aye Wun is keepin it smooth like butter with his new EP titled Old Morals New Ble$$ings. The emcee doubles as a producer alongside Matt Kuartz on this gem, which has such a smooth, nostalgic east coast feel to it. I hadn’t heard any sneak peeks of the tracks beforehand so I jumped right to it and ran it all the way through. By the start of the third joint I got a feel of the direction Aye Wun was going in for the rest of the project and I enjoyed it right down to the last track. Aye Wun’s lyrics and street slang were so New York, so vintage fly and just easy on the ears over the soulful loops and beats.  


The title track, “Old Morals New Ble$$ings”, makes me imagine someone stepping out onto a stoop in fresh gear on a bright morning in the east coast. Then there’s “United Nations” featuring Joccusto where both artists body their verses, riding the beat perfectly. “Can’t Put a Price on Nice” is the most upbeat track, and is a true head banger with a lot of replay value. The last track, “Add Da Lessons” is another standout with a vibe to it that makes makes you wanna sit back and chill. Aye Wun throws in a lot of dope Hip Hop references which you can catch throughout his verses.

“Like a fake Wu-Tang fan all we know is C.R.E.A.M.” – Lo Siento

“Prolly think I’m from Brooklyn how I spread love” – Can’t Put a Price in Nice

“Gotta watch out now, Beatnuts single”  – Lo Siento 

“Pardon my Chi I’m elite plus the jargon I speak is street coded only understood in parks in the streets, I’m that feelin of paranoia when you parkin’ your jeep” – Add Da Lessons

I appreciate this EP in its entirety for Aye Wun’s word play, how his cadence flows well with the subtle, classic production and sped up vocal samples. The sound and theme of this EP truly embodies NY from start to finish. The Broken Home powerhouse represents Queens to the fullest with much finesse. His wordplay is sharp, his flavor is reminiscent of the 90’s era, and on top of that he can craft beats.

You can check it out for yourself on all streaming sites and secure the CD on Aye Wun’s bandcamp page or directly from him on his social media accounts. 

Stream/Buy Old Morals New Ble$$ings Here