Ill Conscious & J Scienide Zoom Past Competition with “295” Single

Gifted emcees Ill Conscious and J Scienide rep where they’re from on their new collaborative joint “295”.  The production from Mika Dough has a pleasantly head nodding beat with cuts by DJ TMB. Ill Conscious is from Baltimore while J Scienide is from Washington D.C., and they both go bar-for-bar defining the realities of their respective cities. The song is very relatable to many who’ve grown up in tough times, made it out and overcame the obstacles. The lyrics weren’t necessarily happy nor sad, but more about addressing certain issues and past experiences of the places the emcees call home. 


Both emcees have grown on me a lot this past year, and have come out with some amazing projects. Ill Conscious came out with The Prerequisite, followed by Sorcery this year and both are very solid releases. I’m still patiently waiting for J’s Popular Mechanics with Bozack Morris, but he’s also dropped quite a few loosies to successfully stay in the radar. What I like about these 2 emcees a lot is that they’re lyrical beasts with a delivery that’s still easier on the ears if you’re not in the mood for something too grimey or intense. This track is available on all major digital platforms so there’s no reason to not check this banger out.

Stream “295” Here