Mikal Stands Addresses the Murder of Malcom X in “Belly”

As people often put it, Mikal Stands has an awesome message with a dope sound, combining witty punch lines, smashing beats like a chameleon in his versatility in style and flows with great energy. Blending rap with a message, often producing positive radio music, the Hip Hop artist is growing and stepping into his Greatness. True greatness just takes time and realizing this, Mikal Stands is well on his way.

One of the most popular tracks from his recent releases is “Belly (Parts 1 and 2)” wherein he addresses the murder of Malcolm X and who was really behind. He is set to release the video for the song on December 25th. And from the looks of the promo, he’s also trying to give Denzel Washington a run for his money, by growing a goatee for the filming. But don’t worry fans, he shaved it off. (smile)

Watch “Belly” Video Snippet:

The unique part of this release, is very controversial. Malcolm X is loved by many, and the organization which produced him, THE NATION OF ISLAM, has taken backlash from government, media outlets and thousands who simply either want to malign its mission in the public eye, or deeply misunderstand what the movement stood for and stands for,” he says. “Maybe because the movement hasn’t died, and because Minister Louis Farrakhan, the national representative of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, resurrected the teachings and almost single-handedly rebuilt its structure, making it alive and well.

Those in power want to derail its effort to aide and benefit those who the movement represents. Either way, the death of Malcom remains largely an argument as to who was involved, why, what really happened and is there a coverup by the organization, the government and so on. Many have come to conclusions about what happened, some believe they have found the truth, and others still have questions of doubt as to what went down that fateful day at the Ball Room in New York.

Mikal Stands addresses this major controversy in his recent release, BELLY!

Find out more on his music via his site: www.mikalstands.com/bars

Listen to “Belly (Part 1 & 2)” Below:

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“Belly (Part 1)”

“Belly (Part 2)”