Manic & Klever Skemes Present ‘Chthonic’ Album

Manic has just released his debut album it’s an absolute banger! Chthonic is wickedly delightful and I can’t get enough of it! This masterfully designed project is boom bap with a mesmerizing vibe that enthralls listeners.

Chthonic is produced solely by Klever Skemes and he is an amazingly talented producer. The dark nuances in the music add a flair of theatrics and suspense. I give a strong nod of approval to the dope production on this one. It’s true to life boom bap… sick drum kicks and the heavy bar play from each artist is astounding. The compelling video promos alone should attract hip hop enthusiasts to take a listen. The concept is well calculated. I love when the music and concept correlate perfectly. This was unique and outside of the box listening experience!

Here’s what Manic had to say about the project:

“The word ‘Chthonic’ comes from the Greek word, Chthōn which means earth. The word Chthonic (Thōnik) translates to subterranean or of or below the earth and is the foundation for which all life exists. In the odyssey the hero, Odysseus, must travel to the chthonic to become his true self and to understand the balance between the heavens and the earth. It’s neither postive nor negative energy but just that, energy. There must always be balance… but then again we don’t have time for any wackness!”

When I asked Manic what his vision was behind the concept, it was basically bringing new vibe to the scene. The Chthonic subterranean below the earth element is synonymous to this riveting debut project that highlights some of the dopest underground artists.

The versatility and dynamics put into creating tracks for this project was sheer genius. The lyrics and beats, all blend effortlessly. The roster just adds more of an impact to the album. There are solid tracks that feature hip hop powerhouses such as the homie King Magnetic, Ill Bill, Termanology, Goretex, Slaine, Sully Nomad and Tedy Andreas! My fav joints are “All I Need”, “Hitchcock”, “Bill Joint”, and “The Chthonic”.

I would like to thank Manic and Klever Skemes for the exclusive listen! The album has been in heavy rotation! This is definitely worthy of being added to my top projects for 2018. Looking forward to what the new year will usher in! Secure your copy today!

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