Premiere: Just In Time for the Holiday, MC WhiteOwl & Charm Rap This Gift from “A 2 Z” (Free Download)

MC WhiteOwl and producer Charm have joined forces for the first time to release a new joint called “A 2 Z”. WhiteOwl’s clever wordplay ties in with the title of the track as you listen for the alphabetic references. Charm is known for the work he’s done with LeVeon Bell including the song “Shrimp Bayless”. Considering the fact that WhiteOwl and Charm never worked together prior; the outcome was a success.


WhiteOwl is part of the NY based group Sofisticated Savage, with fellow members Rhinoceros Funk, whose name you may recognize from Guerilla Grooves Radio, and Yahzeed. He is also part of the supergroup Certain.Ones. White Owl is multi talented and has collaborated often with Statik Selektah. You can also hear a lot of his music being played on DJ Eclipse’s show,  Rap is Outta Control. Just off of “A 2 Z” alone, you can tell he is an energetic lyricist who’s been putting in work for a long time.

WhiteOwl’s last full length album, Born Yesterday was released on vinyl in the beginning of this year. On top of that, he has released numerous songs and projects, always staying true to preserving the art of lyricism. You can find some of his music videos on YouTube such as “Pickle Juice” and “Croissants”.


Listen to “A 2 Z” Now: