Eto & Vinyl Villain Usher in ‘New Crack Era’ Project

This week underground hip hop artist Eto and ill producer Vinyl Villain released new project titled New Crack Era. Every song is dope! Pun intended. I’m glad we are getting some new creative production revitalizing hip hop music. The project is perfectly structured and in sync with the powerful artwork by Trevor Lang of the Statue of Liberty with some questionable motives. The symbolism is deep.

Eto is a standout artist in my opinion. Definitely one who will rise in the ranks over the next year. Mark my words. He delivers heavy bars eloquently and there is undeniable chemistry with Eto’s gritty wordplay and Vinyl Villain’s invigorating and rugged production. New Crack Era project is most certainly addictive. So all you hip hop junkies get your fix!

Stream/Buy New Crack Era Now: