Premiere: NY Emcee Apokalips The Archangel Is “Straight Out The Zoo”

Top Shelf Muzik presents “Straight Out The Zoo” official video by Apokalips The Archangel. The record featuring cuts by DJ Glibstylez and produced by Seasra23, is the first single off the MC’s forthcoming album 1137Q, also produced by Seasra23.

“Top Shelf get it poppin’ every time we come through / Nothin’ new Queens veteran Hip-Hop my boo / Old-school like Letterman straight out the zoo.”

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Archangel pays homage to his Queen’s roots while enrapturing the culture of Hip-Hop. It’s evident both contribute to his lyrical genius and quick-witted wordplay. “Straight Out The Zoo” exemplifies not only the similarities of street and wildlife survival, but also a strong armed emcee preying on fallacious industry players.

Growing up and subsisting in the ‘zoo’ keeps the ferocious MC humble, yet prepared to execute his razor-sharp flow at any given moment:

“All the stress keep a ni**a depressed until I’m vexed then the whole world feeling possessed / Never rest Top Shelf Hip-Hop in effect / Apokalips stay humble no need to impress / I got next cancel the haters and the special effects / when I flex call me the finisher snatching your breathe to the death.”

DJ Glibstylez offers authentic, turntable scratches that heighten the gritty, street knocking production of Seasra23. Hip-Hop eccentrics and thoroughbreds will inject this gem, hit after hit zoned “Straight Out The Zoo.”

Video directed by Supreme Sniper.


Watch “Straight Out the Zoo” Now: