Premiere: Aztek the Barfly & Foul Mouth Are “Ricky Pierce” In Their New Video

Detroit’s own Aztek the Barfly and Foul Mouth just dropped thier latest project Line King on Middle Finger Music!

Line King — Available Now


The first single “Ricky Pierce” has some outstanding visuals and the colorful breathtaking shots of murals paying homage to iconic Detroit hip hop artists and the legendary J Dilla (RIP) made for a perfect scenery. The city streets are served as the backdrop in urban focused exterior shots. The bar scenes with Aztek and Foul Mouth were straight out of a movie!

I appreciate the concept behind the video. It was fun to watch the theatrics while enjoying authentic boom bap. The video was shot by Swigz Sinatra and Low 14 Films with drone shots by Casso.

The Detroit crew are approaching the industry with ill content and vigor. The future looks very promising for Middle Finger. Let’s show some love to the first visuals off Aztek the Barfly’s Line King project!


Watch “Ricky Pierce” Now: