Cocareef Teams Up with Onaje Jordan for ‘The Diaz Brothers’ Project

This year, emerging hip hop artist and CEO of Cocareef Records dropped a few projects such as Griselda Massacre and It’s That Cocareef. This week he released his project The Diaz Brothers with tracks by well noted producer Onaje Jordan. The Scarface themed project features a slew of dope hip hop artists such as Bub Rock, Deuce Hennessy, Killy Shot, Whatamess, Frank Docket, Jamal Gasol, Ambishouz and Fast Life.

The Diaz Brothers is definitely a banger. The eclectic hard-hitting production along with witty delivery and cadence makes for an intriguing project. Who doesn’t love Scarface? I know I do. It’s a classic gangsta movie!

The movie snippet interludes in this project mesh well with the overall concept. It’s a perfect transition before the dope beats and bars drop. My favorite joints are “Bar Brawl”, “Sarcastic As Fuk”, “Vega Arms” and “Coke Beam”.

Cocareef told me it’s a family affair on his label. His daughters can be heard featured on hooks. This time around his seventeen year old daughter Ambishiouz is singing on Coke Beam’s melodic hook. Cocareef and Onaje are bringing a unique sound to the masses. Don’t take my word for it. Check out The Diaz Brothers album produced entirely by Onaje Jordan below.

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