VHS Drops ‘LA Mercado’ Album

East and West coast connections unite for the debut album from Los Angeles based producer VHS. Titled LA Mercado, rising emcees on the come up in the new wave of boom bap are featured on this 8 track project. The production is simple and subtle, yet packs a lot of verbal punch. All of the samples are from records originating from Mexico. You will find Eto, Rigz, Pounds, Tedy Andreas, Estee Nack, Flashius Clayton, Bale, Adonis, Sleep Sinatra, Rome Streetz, Smoovth, Maverick Montana, Chris Crack, I.Am.Tru.Starr, Hus Kingpin, and vocalist Inkarose. VHS utilized the best of his abilities to bring a diverse roster of talent together for this release.

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I had no idea what I was in for when I sat down and listened to LA Mercado. I listened to a couple of tracks waiting for the beat to drop, and about halfway thru, realized there is no bass. However, the production and use of samples was executed beautifully, soothing in a sense. I really liked the first track called “Sicarios” with Tedy Andreas, Rigz, Eto, and Pounds. “Oro 24K” was another one I really liked as well. The beat is eerie, haunting, and mixed with a delicate feel to it. 

Estee Nack went in strong on “Pesos”, all within just a minute and a half. My top 2 for the number one spot was between “El Mercado” with Rome Streetz and Smoovth, where both emcees kept their flows aligned. And the “Mi Amor” remix with Inkarose and Hus Kingpin, which is more than likely to be a favorite amongst the ladies. I was digging Hus’ smooth, fly poetic wordplay. 

“Walk with the kid, porcelain kisses in Madrid/Slither like the garden snakes/This the summer of waves, bundles of bouquets/This ain’t a love song, it’s more like a complicated fling I’m touchin’ on” — Hus Kingpin

VHS was trying to achieve something a little more unconventional with the concept for this project. He brought an interesting blend of artists together to create something memorable and unique. Sueno was his first instrumental effort that was only put on cassette, followed by a self titled instrumental EP. The vinyl release for LA Mercado will be available in January through Loretta Records.