Rock with Greezi Amiin’s New Video For “Rock Wit Me”

Greezi Amiin debuts his first video “Rock Wit Me”. This is a rugged boom bap track off his upcoming project due to be released in early December. If the visuals are a sign of what’s to come, brace yourselves for an explosive album.

Greezi has a live wire personality and his performance in the video shows he has star power. Gritty, riveting bars over an upbeat boom bap production that compliments his voice and flow. He gives us an energetic and stellar performance. The track was produced by Greezi himself for Greaseball Productions, hence the “GreeaasseeBaaall” stamp (by his daughter) at the beginning.

The video was shot and edited by Fuego/House of Fire NYC and Greaseball Activities. It’s your signature hip hop video with simple shots, yet effective because Greezi’s personality dominates each well angled shot. What a perfect way to introduce your artistry to the hip hop world. Such a commanding presence will always captivate the crowds. Salute Greezi Amiin!

Watch “Rock Wit Me” Now:

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