Cinner’s Light Media Presents “MF DOOM’s Madvillain vs. Viktor Vaughn” Short Film

Lights, Camera Action! Cinner’s Light Media releases short film with compelling plot of MF Doom‘s alter egos battling each other. I absolutely love all things MF Doom! The music resonates with me. Every quirky boom bap driven beat and complex wordplay. This video pays homage to Doom’s unique ability to embrace the different personalities he brings to life on his projects. Each embodies their own hip hop persona.

In this short film, Viktor Vaughn and Madvillain fight to see who will be the victor. I love the aesthetics in the film. The hanging lights as a backdrop while Doom’s soundtrack plays. The transition to the fight scenes are the highlight of the film. Each calculated move is in sync with the invigorating soundtrack.

The video concept was created and manifested from the magnificent mind of Jawed JS. Doom has a strong following and some of the most loyal, artistic fans. Cinner’s Light Media did a bangin’ job capturing the essence of a true visionary and hip hop legend.

Watch MF DOOM’s Madvillain vs. Viktor Vaughn (a short film) Now: