Widowmaker Conjures ‘LAMY’ Project Featuring Westside Gunn, Conway, Sauce Heist, Al Divino & Heaven Razah

Portland producers Gutta Greybeard and Grant Burgess are known collectively as the Widowmaker. The dynamic duo created a dope project with some of the illest hip hop artists. The first joint ‘LAMY’ is an absolute banger. The art for the project seemed quite familiar so I asked what was behind this concept.

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The title ‘LAMY’ is fashioned after controversial wildy eccentric designer Michele Lamy. Michele Lamy is known for her dark visuals and signature style she portrays of a sinister looking witch. The image was designed to show the song was just as menacing and threatening as the dark image Michele portrays in her pictures. The guys felt the image should be synonymous with the intent of the song. The shock value of it all definitely captures ones attention and evokes strong feelings. They weren’t wrong. The image definitely piqued my curiosity.

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Conway, Westside Gunn, Al.Divino and Sauce Heist delivered gritty, riveting bars to the dark, yet compelling beat perfectly crafted by Widowmaker. The lyrics evoked crazy emotions. It’s a different sound. I’m loving the uniqueness of the music fusing so well with these hip hop heavyweights .

The second joint, “Stay Awake,” features Wu-Tang affiliate and Sunz of Man co-founder Heaven Razah. “Stay Awake” is a hardbody joint in which Heaven Razah gives a commanding bar delivery over the eclectic piano driven beat. His verse resonates with the message he always adheres to… awaking the masses to the evil of this world. We recently conducted an exclusive interview with Hell Razah — check it out.

The beauty of this project is the cohesiveness of the music and the artistic vision was conveyed so majestically. Widowmaker’s dark, yet melodic theme with serious boom bap nuances was flawlessly executed. The visuals add just the right flair and tension to give the fans an experience. Conway, Sauce Heist, Al.Davino, Westside Gunn and Heaven Razah were perfect candidates to bring this amazing project to fruition.

There are 7″ Limited Edition Vinyl (Splatter Colored Vinyl) available with “LAMY”, “Stay Awake”, and both instrumentals (“Stay Awake” isn’t available for direct digital download). So stretch those alligator arms into those deep pockets and get your copy while supplies last at: https://iamtrevorlang.bandcamp.com/album/lamy.