Ty Farris Injects that Dopeness In His Latest “Dopefiend” Video

Weekly Rap Gods conducted an exclusive interview with Ty Farris earlier this year. He has been applying pressure in the industry ever since. He recently released his second project this year titled No Cosign Just Cocaine 2′ and it was a banger.

Ty Farris Needs “No Co-Sign, Just Cocaine” (Interview)


Ty just premiered his latest visuals for the song “Dopefiend” telling the story of his passion drive and addiction to this dope hip hop music. Music is like a drug for many; a therapy even.

“Dopefiend” video shows Ty in the studio doing what he loves best, as well as other engaging shots of him at work. The aerial shots are the most invigorating. They add a powerful dynamic to the video. Ty Farris is raising the bar with this one. I respect the creativity in this video. The lyrics are synonymous with what the song is conveying. The video was shot by Brandon David Video and Aux Cinema. They did a spectacular job.

Kudos to Ty. I see your growth and vision. ‘No Cosign Just Cocaine 2’ is a available on all digital platforms. So get yourself a copy at www.tyfarris.com and lets get high off this dopeness together.

Watch “Dope Fiend” Video: