Daniel Son, Asun Eastwood and Futurewave are a Triple Threat on ‘Physics of Filth’ Album

They call him Asun cuz he shines like one, Daniel Son got the brown bag money all day, and the Wav God (Futurewave) himself is always cheffin up in the lab, no matter what time of the year it is. For all the sleepers, under raters and non believers, it’s been continued success for the Brown Bag Money and Formula 16 ambassadors. Together, these guys team up on the regular to create a super crew of unstoppable forces that never stop supplying the masses. This is not just business, this is family; brothers. On this highly anticipated project, Physics of Filth’, Daniel and Asun created a full length masterpiece with Futurewave, whose production is the perfect gritty backdrop to the chilling stories these emcees tell through their rhymes.


If you were up on the ‘Wav.God’ release, you’d know Futurewave has an insane production style that can’t be matched or touched by what anyone else is doing in Toronto. It’s the same lyrically for Daniel and Asun. FW has a great ear for samples, and his beats are usually dark, glitchy at times, perfected, but not overly polished. His production usually has heavy bass lines and drums, but I’ve also heard some beats that were lighter and toned down. He’s honed his craft over the years, a true equipment junkie who mixes and masters pretty much all the projects, with minimal help, if any at all.

This is an exceptional album that many will find in heavy rotation. I love the concept, the theme, the production, the title, the combination of untouchable and undeniable talent 3 ways. Asun and Daniel have very different voices and deliveries, but they don’t step over each other, they both go in on their own verses over FW’s superb beats. If I had to pick which tracks I love the most, they are: “Go to Church”, “Underbelly”, “Stove Lit”, “Moonwalk” ft. Black Nazi (which is the first video drop with Mercenary handling the visuals, of course), “Bloody Tears”, “Physics of Filth”, “Rule of Thumb” and “Legacy”. You know it was only right that YdblF representative Saipher Soze would come through, as he appears on the last track “Decapitated”.

  • Go to Church“Pure cocaina, polo rag dipped in golden ether/From the North where people are the coldest feature/Blood paint the streets, fuck the Mona Lisa/When I die put my ashes in a stolen Beamer” – Daniel Son
  • Legacy“I’m gettin currency jet life/we sat nice like the coupes is plush/They after fame, we after legacy, eatin at the table with my troops we up/They after money, we want success, meet us at the top for the proof and such” – Asun Eastwood
  • Rule of Thumb“I want a good life for my future son, but every night around here somebody lose a lung/They need shooters in the ends where they recruiting from/No more cuttin your fingers off as a rule of thumb” – Daniel Son

Watch their first video for “Moonwalk” now:

Daniel has an ability to paint such vivid pictures with his exciting, aggressive storytelling, you always feel like you’re there with him, whether he’s running from the jakes or chilling on a private yacht overseas. Plus he has some of the catchiest adlibs of the year, such as the infamous “Oh, that’s yo girl?” or “Yo, who it be son?”. While their voices are very different, Asun is equally aggressive, with a twist of sarcasm thrown in. He has this infectious short laugh on a lot of tracks, and you can tell he has a sense of humor that he brings out in his delivery. However, that doesn’t mean he won’t rip you apart if you challenge him. “Yo, what the fuck is happening in the city man, y’all better not try it with me”.

As their loyal fan base continues to grow, these 3 are steadily making their marks. They’ve set such a high standard for what they do and you can feel it when you listen to their projects. What they put out is solid and consistent, and they don’t ever skimp on the quality of the product they put out. The digital album is out now on bandcamp, and the physicals in CD format will drop on November 27th, which will be $35 shipped. Payments can be made via PayPal to: physicsoffilth@gmail.com

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