OC From NC Comes Strong On His Latest ‘It’s Not You, It’s Me’ Album

If you seek more soulful boom bap with an emphasis on bars that mean something, then you’ll enjoy this latest work from OC From NC and B Squared titled, ‘It’s Not You, It’s Me’. The Burlington, North Carolina emcee represents true essential Hip Hop and has a strong delivery, both in the studio and on stage. B Squared is a talented sample heavy producer and is known to perform live beat mixes. So when I heard about this album, I knew they’d both put in their best effort to give us something really good.

The tracks that resonated with me the most were “Ego”, “The Prophet II”, “Lost”, “Focus”, “Back in the Day”, and “Song Cry”. All tracks were produced by B Squared except for “Roll Up” which was produced by D.R.U.G.S. Beats. OC touches on different topics throughout the album, so there’s a little bit of everything here. While a majority of the tracks have mellow old school beats, some tracks have a little bit of an edgier sound. There’s a music video for “Back in the Day”, which features J. Gunn, K-Hill and DJ Flash. There was also a promo video for “Focus/Nice Guy”, and there will be 2 more upcoming videos from the the project.

Watch “Back in the Day” & “Focus/Nice Guy” Now:

“Focus”, one of my top favorites, felt like an anthem song to me. I envision scenarios when I listen to music, and I could see this being a boxer’s or MMA fighter’s walk out song if more of them listened to underground. It just had an upbeat hype building type of feel to it for me:

“Life lessons, now we do it in excess, bar for bar show me exactly where you the best at/you living in imaginary lands, it’s a wrap once the raps hit the salivary glands…”

I’ve listened to OC for the past couple of years and the tracks of his that really got me listening to him was “Higher Learning” and “Parallels”. He started off with his first mixtape in 2014 called ‘Twenty14’. Since then, he’s worked with B Squared, and their last full length project was ‘The Second Renaissance’. If you’re interested to check it out ‘It’s Not You, It’s Me’, it’s available on all streaming platforms. Physical copies will be available beginning December 1st, as well as a hard copy release show of the same date.

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