Def Squad, Bernadette Price & Duck Down Unite to Bring Us Sean Price & Mic Handz Collaboration

If you haven’t heard the Mic Handz and Sean Price collaboration, today is your lucky day. After three years, Def SquadRuck Down and Duck Down have united to release 2 exclusive songs and visuals. Sean P lives on through his music. Family and friends are securing his legacy. And Fans are grateful for these contributions from a hip hop legend who is greatly missed.

Listen to “Conceit” & “Alive” Now:




In 2012, Mic Handz and Sean Price discussed creating an epic project entitled ‘The EP: The Epic Phail‘ out of the blue, Sean called Mic and said “Come get me, I feel Rappy” and what came next was actually pretty crazy. Once at the Carnegie Deli Studio in NYC, Mic played Sean the track for what would become their initial collaboration “Stay Givin It Up” produced by Nick Plated for Mic Handz debut ‘SAYYOUAINTKNOW‘ project.

After Sean laid his verse, he said “Don’t rap…you can lay yours later, play another beat” and then came “Conceit,” “Alive,” and another recording that went on to be Mic Handz’ only HELTAH SKELTAH feature, which was featured on his international release “LA FRESH CONNEXION”. The very last communication Mic had with Sean was in regards to their friendship and their upcoming EP. Sean texted “I’m not ignoring you, I just have a few things going on…just send the beats“. That last communication took place August 6th 2015. Sean went on to pass away on August 8th. We all still mourn his loss but Sean’s legacy lives on through his music.

The “CONCEIT” video was shot by Bobby SixShooter from Paris and produced by Aaron “Freedom” Lyles as well as “ALIVE”. Mic Handz has since signed to Def Squad and partnered with Mrs. Bernadette Price of Ruck Down Records. With the support of the legendary Duck Down Records, they will give the world this legendary unreleased material.

Watch Mic Handz & Sean Price’s “Conceit” Now: