Willie the Kid Returns As ‘Midwest Willie’

Willie the Kid is by far one of the most underrated rappers. He has been around awhile but I feel like he is surely becoming a household name in hip hop. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of interviewing him when he dropped his project Gold Rush’. You can catch up on the interview to hear his story and listen to the music.

Discussing the “Gold Rush” with Willie the Kid (Interview)

Willie recently dropped a new project and it’s definitely worthy of a mention. The beats are invigorating, upbeat tempo with a hardbody flow. Willie rides the beat effortlessly. I’m always impressed by his crazy wordplay and captivating bars and cadence. My favorite joints are “CL Smooth”, “Grand Cru” and “How You Love It”. I respect the fact he displays a different range of styles. Versatility equals longevity in my opinion. I see Willie taking off going to the next level! It’s my duty to spread the word as a hip hop advocate.

We always hear die hard hip hop fans complaining about new hip hop music. Emerging artists like Willie rep the culture to the fullest and deserve accolades. If you love authentic basement type boom bap, click the link below and enjoy Midwest Willie’. Support the future of boom bap! The culture is alive and well.

Stream/Buy ‘Midwest Willie’ Now:

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