Taiyamo Denku Drops “Begin to End” with Jise One & Eyenine

When looking at the history of these 3 emcees gathering together, you have to channel all the way back to when hip hop still was about lyricism, crafting together concepts to make your mind do flips when listening. The new single by Taiyamo Denku does just that. The Milwaukee native CyphaDen outfitted emcee recruits his long time collaborator, Creative Juices and Arsonists emcee, Jise One along with New England’s representation of what hip hop should sound like, Eyenine.

The song begins with Jise One giving shouts to Denku in an intro that turns into a witty, very original stylized verse that flows from one idea to the next, all washing your thoughts to the idea of how you “Begin to End”. Eyenine has a very original style and though you might have a hard time keeping up with the flow of his verse, he packs so much information and lyrics in his verse that will leave you replaying it over and over again. Denku closes out the song with a street heavy, grimy bar worked verse. The strength of his voice alone draws you into the images his lyrics create. Dcypha crafts a movie type feel with his production on this, the changes from the verses to the hook set the tone of the concept of the songs entirety. Don’t miss the newest CyphaDen music release.

Listen to “Begin to End” Now: