ILL BILL Joins Q-Unique on “Cult Leader & Capital” Video

Longtime collaborators Q-Unique and ILL BILL are back at it as a villainous duo in the new video for “Cult Leader & Capital,” a Sicknature-produced banger off Q’s The Mechanic’ album.

Director Ezru captures the chaotic nature of the single perfectly in these visuals, which find the two underground veterans holed up somewhere in Brooklyn as they plot their next move. The grimy setting couldn’t be more ideal for the duo, who deliver back-to-back bars full of insane wordplay, snarling threats, and nods to modern classic films and TV shows including “Breaking Bad,” Casino, and even “The Office.”

Of course, it all resonates even more in the visual realms because Q and BILL are clearly more than up for bringing out their maniacal sides. There’s a sense of tension felt within their verses that really comes to life in this video, which also boasts some slick editing to complement DJ Eclipse’s scratch chorus. Plus, this is just another reminder that The Mechanic’ is one of this year’s best rap albums.

Check out the visuals, and head over to your preferred retail outlet to support, The Mechanic’, available now via Capital Q Music!

Watch “Cult Leader & Capital” Now: