Jay Royale Steps off ‘The Ivory Stoop’ with His New Album

East Baltimore heavy hitter Jay Royale came through and blessed us with ‘The Ivory Stoop’. Amazing guest appearances, great production and beat selection, I was digging it as soon as I heard the first track and continued on to the next. This album has a very nostalgic feel to it and took me back to the streets of 90’s east coast. I appreciated all the references Jay makes to the earlier days, and it straight up had me reminiscing. I also liked the album artwork, which was provided courtesy of Trevor Lang.

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There was a lot of production from Ray Sosa and cuts by DJ Grazzhoppa, plus tracks produced by Finn, Mutewon, DJ TMB, Illmeasured, and Jsoul to name a few. I was happy to hear Illconscious on a few tracks, plus appearances by Benny the Butcher, Conway, Bossman Da God, and Lonnie Moore. I can honestly say this is a project with a lot of replay value. Jay’s delivery is very sharp and consistent. This is a man who is dedicated to his craft and making it as flawless as possible.

My favorite standout tracks were: “Half Moon Ceasars”, “The Ode (To the Bubblegum Sole)”, “The Aspiration”, “Vintage Garments”, “The Transaction”, “Armeteo”, and “Malcolm Little”. And arguably the best track that I found myself going back to a lot was “Walk With a Gun”, which features Conway and Illconscious. “Vintage Garments” samples Nas’ “No Introduction”, and “Armeteo” samples Rakim’s “Internationally Known”.

“I was smart in class, heavy in arts and crafts, involved in crime with the mind of a Harvard grad” — Jay Royale on “The Aspiration”

Limited edition cassettes went up for sale at iamtrevorlamg.com, with a few copies remaining. If you’re not able to grab one, you can purchase digital and CD copies of the album at Jay Royale’s bandcamp page. It will also be available in vinyl format, coming soon. Watch video release from Jay’s ‘The Ivory Stoop’ below:


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