Wu Syndicate (Myalansky & Joe Mafia) Drop Yellow Tape Single

Wu Syndicate members Mya Lansky and Joe Mafia dropped a single “Yellow Tape”, featuring P.U.R.E. from their upcoming album ‘Illustrious’. The whole video was shot at night in Virginia by Rep Ya Set TV. If you like dark, gritty and grimey joints then this is definitely for you. Produced by Anthai, the track and video had that hard 90’s feel and sound to it.

“Well done how I’m cookin the beef, ain’t no love in these streets, cock back and I’m dumpin the heat / think twice when you fuckin with me, leave you slumped in your seat, it gets ugly…”

After the success of their first self-titled album, ‘Wu Syndicate’ from back in 1999, the group members have worked on other projects over the years, including solo albums. Although a date hasn’t been set just yet, ‘Illustrious’ is a release longterm fans have been waiting for.


In case you missed it, check out another video they dropped earlier this year called “Down“. Let’s hope for a date announcement soon so we can get our hands on ‘Illustrious’!

Watch “Yellow Tape” Now: