Premiere: Juxx Diamondz Is Armed & Coming Through Doors Candyman Style With “Black Candles” Video

Brooklyn MC Juxx Diamondz releases visuals for the single “Black Candles”. The single is produced by Whip Beats and is off the EP ‘The Birth Of The Beginning’.

The strong-armed lyricist is known for his gritty records and raw wordplay, which is displayed in “Black Candles.”  Whip provides a blended arrangement of electric, urbanized rock beats setting the tone for a destructive takeover.

Diamondz describes his stance as a man and artist who is prepared for street havoc and industry battles at any given moment. “Try to disrespect you get flat lined, yeah homie pushin’ up a rose / say my name three times like Candyman n***a I’ll be coming through the door.”

“Black Candles” shows off the significant aspects of Diamondz’ life, including family, the studio, and his pride. The message is rather simple; causing harm to any will result with an annihilation.


Watch “Black Candles” Video Below: