Jamal Gasol Brings In Halloween With ‘It’s A Dirty Game’ (Interview)

I recently had the opportunity to touch base with Jamal Gasol, whose new EP titled ‘It’s A Dirty Game’ with Eto and V Don will be dropping on Halloween. His last prior project was ‘The World is Piff’, which I enjoyed. Hailing from upstate New York, Jamal has had his share of a rough past and learned some hard life lessons. Surviving through it all, he decided to leave his past behind him, go legit, and invest in himself as a Hip Hop artist. So who is Jamal Gasol, you may ask. Continue reading below to find out.

Jamal Gasol


I’m excited to hear about this project with you, Eto and V Don! Can you tell me how this collaboration came about?

Honestly, ‘Omertà: The Film’ was my inspiration for this EP. I came across this tape on SoundCloud and it stuck wit me for weeks. I was in the trap hustling to this project. It was something about that “Cousin Harold” track with the 2 beat transition that had me like, “Yo, this shit is so different, I can fuck with this type of shit right here.” It got that feel LOL! Then to find out he was from Rochester, I had to link up with him. So I hit up V Don and copped a few beats. Funny thing is that I got raided the next day. Sitting in jail the title came to my head, ‘It’s A Dirty Game’. And now we’re here.

Eto & Jamal

Was it always your dream to be a rapper? Or did you have different plans before?

Yea, for me, it was always my passion to be involved with music. I grew up on rap since I was a kid. I was told since elementary school I had a unique voice and I’d do something special with it and chose rapping. I played sports, but health issues stopped that at a young age.

Who are some artists or producers you would like to work with in the future?

I’d like to work with 50, Cam’ron and Styles P. A project with Harry Fraud, Alchemist or Kanye would be legendary. But Kayne couldn’t wear that hat around me tho. LOL

What are some of the challenges you face in your line of work? For instance, I know for many artists with young children, that’s one of their challenges when they leave to go on tours for days or weeks at a time.

Being in drug court right now limits me. It’s technically probation. I got an 11PM curfew. Can’t smoke or drink with random drug testing and I gotta get permission to do a lot of shit. I’ll be off early 2019 tho.


What do you think of the current state of Hip Hop? Who are some artists you think are solid right now?

Hip hop looking real good right now as a whole. From boom bap to the club/turn up music to the conscious rap. It’s all good. My personal favorites right now are Dave East and Styles P’s ‘Beloved’, Dark Lo’s ‘My Testimony’, Eto’s ‘Omertà: The Film’, Mach Hommy’s ‘HBO’, and Benny and Spesh ‘Stabbed And Shot’ was a classic!

Do you listen to any other genres outside of Hip Hop? If so what are they?

I like old shit. Classic shit. A lot of the original songs these producers sample from be fire.

Out of the projects you’ve done is there one in particular that you’re most proud of or that stands out the most? If so, can you share some of the details?

‘Jimmy Jump’s Revenge’ got the people to listen, but ‘The World Is Piff’ made ’em stay! It showed my potential that I wasn’t no fly by night artist.


Do you have a certain routine or certain habits to get your creativity flowing when working on music?

I have no routine. I watch movies, the news and documentaries on the regular. So I put it all together, relate it to myself, and make magic.

Have you toured overseas yet? If not, is there anywhere in particular you look forward to?

Naw, but I wanna go to Switzerland, Africa, and UK. I got some fans in Australia too that I’d love to meet.

What are some key things you hope to accomplish within the next 5-10 years? It can be music related or any personal goals.

I wanna be able to live off my musical talent and spread the earnings down to my kids so they never have to work. I don’t really care for a Grammy. If it comes, it comes. But i’mma die a legend. I wanna leave a legacy when it’s all said and done.

If you had to describe 3 solid characteristics that represent you what would it be?

Hardworking. Patient. Humble.

As this year begins to draw to a close, what can the fans expect from you in 2019? Any specific projects in store?

I got one more project coming before the year closes out. 2019 is in the works too, but I can’t spill the beans yet. I gave the world 10 projects this year to get to know me. Enjoy.

‘It’s A Dirty Game’ Dropping this Halloween (Purchase Info Below)

‘It’s A Dirty Game’

It’s ‘A Dirty Game’ will be released on October 31st (Halloween), which is when the link will go up for physical purchases at: jamalgasol.com. Until then, you have the option to preordering the project by contacting Jamal via DM on Instagram: @WhoIsJamalGasol. It will be on all streaming sites November 23rd.

Watch First Video Release for ‘It’s a Dirty Game’ — “Eyes On the Prize”

I appreciate the time that Jamal took into getting back to us with some thorough answers to my questions for this interview. I look forward to anything involving Eto or V Don, plus Jamal has something solid going on for himself as well. Support dope Hip Hop!