Rapper Big Pooh Shares New Focus-Produced Single “Pray or Prey” Featuring Cocoa Sarai

On the heels of his public reunion with Little Brother, and just a few days after taking to social media to announce his forthcoming album ‘RPM’, the legendary Rapper Big Pooh relinquishes the project’s first single today “Pray or Prey,” featuring Cocoa Sarai.

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Entirely produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Focus, ‘RPM (Rapper Pooh Music)’ is set for release this Friday, November 2nd via Brothers Grand/Common Cents Media Group.

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Rapper Big Pooh had never considered a career as a recording artist before linking with fellow North Carolina Central University students 9th Wonder and Phonte in 2000 to form the critically acclaimed hip-hop trio Little Brother. And, while there were some growing pains and dues to pay, Pooh will admit that Little Brother’s success came a lot easier than he could have imagined. The group’s nostalgic feel and easy connection to hip-hop’s “golden era” made them instant fan favorites. For Pooh, who had much less experience in music than his groupmates, it became the best form of on-the-job training. Despite early criticism he received following the release of the group’s debut album The Listening’, Pooh took the opportunity to examine what he had contributed to the music and really hone his craft.  By the time Little Brother landed their major label deal with Atlantic Records and released their sophomore album ‘The Minstrel Show’, Pooh’s solo career was just getting off the ground, starting with his debut album ‘Sleepers’. Little Brother went on to release one more group album, ‘Getback’, in 2007 before they disbanded for good. Pooh’s sophomore album ‘Dirty Pretty Things’ would come almost four years and two more solo projects later than Pooh expected.

In the years since, Pooh has been solidifying his solo career, going on to release several more projects, including ‘Sleepers: The Narcoleptic EP’, a collection of previously unreleased songs from the sessions that birthed his solo debut. Pooh has worked with Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne amongst others. In addition to working on new music, Pooh has been increasingly active behind the scenes, managing artists such as Dreamville’s Lute, DJ’ing under the moniker RPM, and running his new distribution company Common Cents Media.