J Scienide’s Got a Full Clip as He Drops “Sun Thin” with Yashmall Allah

While New York will always be our beloved home for Hip Hop, it’s also been great to see it more visibly spread out over the years. J Scienide has a single out called “Sun Thin” and I hope you’re ready for it cuz he’s serving it up with a full clip. Always a pleasure for our ears, the Washington DC based emcee/producer brings his bars courtesy of Oakland, California’s beat maker Yashmall Allah. After the success of his first EP, ‘The Actual Heat’, J Scienide has been on many dope features from some amazing projects this year. Although this new joint isn’t on any album, it’s just one of a series of dope singles that J is giving us as a warm up to his next upcoming project that I can’t wait to hear.

J Scienide considers his music timeless and likes to have a sound unlike what others are doing. He’s got a lot of classic and old school inspiration that he draws from and it reflects in what he puts out. A stellar emcee, he also makes beats, and produced a majority of The Actual Heat’. It was nice to see J team up with Yashmall who is from the Bay Area, it’s not about where you’re from, it’s about real talent putting out dope material. I would like to hear more work between these two because this joint was quite refreshing to say the least.

The joint is currently available on all digital platforms including the Official Crate Music’s Soundcloud page.

Listen to “Sun Thin” Now