Rigz & Flu Dust Give You ‘A Piece of the Action’

Rigz and Flu Dust have dropped their EP, ‘A Piece of the Action’. It has 10 tracks, 5 actual songs, and the other 5 are the instrumentals. There are features from Mav Montana, Eto and Mooch. I enjoyed each track. There wasn’t one that I didn’t like or didn’t care for. While I would have liked to have heard more, it is an EP with instrumentals, an aspect many of us can appreciate.

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One key thing to these collaborative projects is making sure the production is the right fit for the emcee. It’s always refreshing when the chemistry is right between the emcee and the producer. Rigz sounded great on every beat and so did his guests. On the second track, “Hot”, which featured Mav Montana and Eto, all 3 emcees went in. And I really loved the beat switch ups in between each verse. 

Watch “Hot” Video

Rigz speaks on real life experiences and this is as authentic as it gets. There’s no gimmicky, cookie cutter type of music to be found here. I always like hearing Rigz and Mooch together. It was nice to hear them both on the third track, “Percs”. I felt an emotional vibe, both lyrically and production-wise on the track called “Atonement”. The EP closes out with the track, “Refuse”. 

Watch Rigz & Flu Dust’s “Atonement” Video Here

I appreciate the production from Flu. And no matter what order the tracks are in, they all fit well for this project. The EP is currently on all streaming platforms and an announcement for physical copies will be coming soon.