Premiere: StaHHr & Krazy DJ Bazarro Present “Pandora” Video

Back from a brief hiatus, MF DOOM affiliate/protégé StaHHr gave the fans a warm up with her ‘Respect Due’ project paying homage to some of her favorite MCs. Now StaHHr has aligned with Krazy DJ Bazarro of the Dysfunkshunal Famlee/Beatminerz to bring you their EP titled ‘7:30’. The first single “Pandora” (b/w “Come with That Weak Shit”) is a soulful lament about a relationship challenged by music as the consummate “other woman”.


The video “Pandora” is a refreshing visual and an audible delight with the right touch of hip hop scenery. It’s bright, colorful, and filled with cultural nuances, such as vinyl spinning, boomboxes and vintage speakers. StaHHr delivers heartfelt verses about the struggle of being in a relationship where music comes between love. She adds flair while killing the fashion with b-girl and fashion forward attire.

This video is a prelude of what’s to come from this power duo. StaHHr and Bazarro’s styles are complimentary and magnetic and the concept of the “Pandora” is unique and a much-needed flavor most videos lack. The video is amazing and speaks the truth about a relatable topic. Check it out now!