JoJo Pellegrino Returns as the Industry’s “Reaper” (Interview)

Staten Island’s lyrical hitman JoJo Pellegrino is stirring up quite the media frenzy with his latest “Reaper” release — an Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly diss track. My question is: where has the buzz been for the underrated emcee prior to this spectacle? Allow me to “re-introduce” JoJo Pellegrino—the Italian Boss who came in the game during the 90’s era of Hip-Hop.

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As a teenager, he was torn between staying on the street corner or leaving it behind to craft his passion of rhyming. JoJo became a traveling emcee, paving the streets day and night preying on any opportunity to battle local rappers. His dedication didn’t go unnoticed. His natural talent for spittin’ razor-sharp rhymes caught wind to Chris Lighty‘s Violator, and in the year 2000 he landed his first major deal.

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After listening to his genius lyrical deliverances, it became clear to major FM stations and other music outlets, including MTV, that JoJo was not the next trendy artist to hit the scene. Since he branched off as an independent artist, his hustle has crossed paths collaboratively with major artists including the legendary Method Man, Busta Rhymes, and Kurupt to name a few. JoJo has put in over a decade of blood, sweat, and tears into his music and now it’s time for the world to hear his story.


Tune in below for scoop on the release of his new project, his relationship with Eminem, why he made the “Reaper” diss track, new collaborations with Griselda’s Conway and his fellow WU friends, the things he learned about the business being around Shyheim, what Nas and Jay-Z thought of him lyrically, and so much more.



For all of you who thought JoJo came out the blue…