Torae & Praise Bless the Speakers with ‘All Praises Due’ Project

On the “Outro” of Torae’s 2016 album ‘Entitled’ he expressed that him and producer Praise should do a full length project together. Fast forward to 2018, he presents us with the All Praises Due’ project — an 8 song EP which cleverly plays off of Praise’s name. The two have a great chemistry together. Praise’s production will definitely have you nodding your head and Torae definitely shows that he hasn’t lost a step, in fact he’s gained a few.

After a brief introduction on “All Praises Intro,” where they cleverly run through all the names of the songs on the project, Torae gets down to business with “Start Godly”. On this high energy track filled with punchlines that will have you pressing rewind or catching new lines every time you listen, Tor let’s us know that he’s aiming to be in everybody’s top 5. And lines like, “never front on the God, that’s what pagans do…” should let you know off the bat that this isn’t that watered down mainstream radio rap. Honestly, this track is my personal favorite on the EP.

On “That’s My Word,” which features vocal samples from the late great Sean Price, Torae starts off the track by saying this is the “soundtrack to assault and battery”. So you can just imagine how the rest of the track goes. During the course of Torae’s career, he’s linked up with the late Sean P on several tracks. So when he sampled his voice, it was only right that the track was all the way gritty.

Torae explains his relentless grind and why he’s in the position he’s in. On “Cues” he rolls out a blueprint for all the cats out here grinding without a major label backing. Torae shows off his storytelling skills on “Reaction,” which he spits a very vivid story with a crazy plot twist. All I can say is that you gotta listen to the whole track. For the lead single “Take Notes,” Tor’s lyrics glide over the gritty drums provided by Praise letting you know that the two year hiatus has definitely been worth the wait.

Overall this is a very solid project. I was always a fan of Praise. This made me a bigger fan and more eager to hear future projects from him. Torae, in my opinion, has always been underrated. You can tell that hip hop is still his passion. This is a must cop. ‘All Praises Due’  is availble on all streaming platforms and hardcopies and merch can be purchased here:!

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