Strong Island’s John Jigg$ Releases New ‘Good Friday’ EP with DJ Concept

John Jigg$, NY G.O.A.T on the rise, releases new EP ‘Good Friday’ produced entirely by DJ Concept. The EP is available for digital streaming and purchase.

It’s been mere weeks since the release of his last project ‘Teflon John’, which instantaneously took over airwaves and turntables both domestically and internationally and continues to do so. However, those who are true fans of the lyrical powerhouse know he leaves no room to embrace the limelight.

‘Good Friday’ is a project imbued with lyrical metaphors assured to hype true Hip Hop heads across the globe. The iconic emcee comes strapped with his A-game full of cleverly delivered wordplay and razor sharp bars. Striving to keep the essence of Hip Hop at the forefront, ‘Good Friday’ is no disappointment.

Jigg$ recruits heavy hitters including Recognize Ali, Beefman, and SmooVth to switch up the flow adding some gritty bangers and smooth tracks. DJ Concept and Jigg$ offer an unmatched alliance of rhymes and beats setting ‘Good Friday’ a classic for all Hip Hop Connoisseurs.

“Paintin a motion picture with every scripture, John Jigg$ / Concept it’s a deadly mixture..”

Buy/Stream ‘Good Friday’ Now

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