Grime Lords (Born Unique & Pete Twist) Are the ‘Wimbledon Dons’

The Grime Lords have blessed us with their new album, ‘Wimbledon Dons’. Both currently residing in Virginia, the duo, consisting of emcee Born Unique and Pete Twist, give us a 12 track release of pure fire, neck breaking underground hip hop. The album features some great guest appearances throughout. Born Unique has an aggressive flow that Pete Twist’s beats compliment without outshining the emcee. 

I loved the first track called “12th Street Diner”, and the title track, “Wimbledon Dons”. My only complaint about those is I wish they were longer, as they were both only a little over a minute long. The first single or audio release track titled SHYNE, is another banger and features Milano Constantine, Recognize Ali and DJ TMB. I loved each verse, and the beats plus the cuts, suited everyone on the track. 

Exclusive “Wimbledon Dons” Video (Not Found On YouTube)

Born Unique killed it on the track “Skull & Crossbones”, as he spits:

“I’m hard to shake like tobacco, break your back flow/ It’s just how I rap tho/Nothin’s safe, blow up your Mac Pro/None of y’alls a threat you’re just a lil snack tho/Wild cowboys I’ll catch you with my lasso…”

He’s literally a beast when he delivers and he says some stuff that makes you scrunch your face up like “Damn!” as you find yourself going “I gotta hear that sh*t again”. 

“Violent Violins” has one of the more mellow beats to it and also has a video that you can check out on YouTube. “Jeepers Creepers” featuring Daniel Son, is a dope track to check out too. Another standout track is “Power Refinement” featuring J Scienide and Jay Royale. Pete Twist’s beats were a little more mellow towards the second half of the album, but it didn’t affect the consistency or quality of the joints. “Buried So Many” featuring Codenine was another one I really liked, as well as the last track “Tri Color Chains” featuring Planet Asia, Tri State and Supreme Cerebral. 

There were no weak links on this project and everyone involved did their thing. All the features on here were perfect for the project. Born Unique is not someone you wanna step up to or challenge on the mic. And that’s why I appreciate the features, because everyone on board are of the same caliber. I was really impressed with this album and think everyone should go and check it out.

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