Premiere: Wu-Tang’s Solomon Childs Takes Hip Hop in His Hands on New “The Only Way” Single

Solomon Childs has a new single out titled “The Only Way” produced by Hybrid Freqs. He keeps it gutter with his gruff, unique vocal delivery he’s known for. Solomon has managed to maintain a long-standing career over time, while being able to adjust to the times without following short-term trends in the current era of Hip Hop. This song has a message: genuine Hip Hop will never die. It’s about surviving on your own, and that you can’t depend on anyone to have your back at any time. 

“You wasn’t down when I was on my back / you ain’t pray for me when I got clapped / you ain’t offer your hand when I was sleepin’ in the trap / I ain’t need you then, I don’t need you now, that’s a fact…” 

Based out of New York and having been around since the 90’s, Solomon’s had a successful run for contributing a lot musically with the legendary Wu-Tang Clan. He’s collaborated with many artists and considers himself the voice of the people. He’s appeared on Cappadonna’s ‘The Pillage’, Ghostface Killah’s ‘Supreme Clientele’, Wu-Tang Killah Beez ‘The Sting’, RZA’s Bobby Digital albums, and was also in a few classic music videos. While grateful for his run with one of the most successful and globally known Hip Hop groups of all time, he stepped out of the Wu-Tang shadow to build his solo career and name.

Watch Solomon performing alongside Ghostface Killah in Czechoslovakia

Solomon was able to progress over the years as an individual, adapting and maintaining versatility. His voice he was known for, essentially stayed the same, yet he was able to move forward and keep up with the current times. Nowadays a lot of artists from the golden era get accused of “selling out” when they try to keep up with certain trends, but Solomon is one of those artists who can balance out key elements from both the past and the present. He has an album with producer Tone Spliff scheduled to be released this fall, which I’m looking forward to. Most of his music is available to listen to on most streaming and digital platforms.


Listen to Solomon Childs “The Only Way” below
(Available now on all digital streaming platforms)


For more info on Solomon Childs, you can follow him on Instagram: @s_childs and/or on Twitter: @ALMIGHTY _CHILDS

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