4G Squad (Da B.O.Z.-Man & Bobcatt) Are Top Seed in ‘The Eastern Conference’

Scrolling through my timeline, sometimes I find some hip hop gems that I like to share. I think it’s important to keep the culture flourishing by giving fresh talent a spotlight and a voice. Let me introduce you to 4G Squad consisting of BOBCATT and Da B.O.Z.-Man — two East Coast hip hop artists who share the same love for boom bap. The duo are paving their own way through the underground hip hop scene. Their signature sound reflects 90s style hip hop music. And it’s a beautiful homage to the golden ERA of hip hop.

They just dropped their latest project The Eastern Conference. The entire album is fire! My personal favorites are “Wrong Spot”, “What’s Your Story”, and “Hustle and Grind”. The bars are on point and the beats are hardcore. This project is solid and the duo is magnetic. The group embodies the essence of pure boom bap with a modernized 90s style. If you are a true hip hop enthusiast, this must be added to your collection.

Buy/Stream ‘The Eastern Conference’ Now

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I enjoy coming across groups like this. 4G Squad shows the music will forever be powerful and it can maintain it’s authenticity as well. The Eastern Conference is available on all digital platforms. Check out the video for the single “Hustle and Grind”!

Watch “Hustle and Grind” Now