$auce Heist x Dirty Diggs Release Diamond Dust Shoes Album

Heist Life representer $auce Heist recently linked up with Dirty Diggs and dropped his first full length project ‘Diamond Dust Shoes’. There are 12 tracks, which in my opinion, is a good number when going from previous works of an EP to an LP. On this project $auce has expanded and worked with a great range of artists. When I saw all the names on the list, before I actually listened, I was excited by the names alone. There’s Estee Nack, Nowaah the Flood, Eto, Jamal Gasol, Mooch, Rigz, Al.Divino, Rome StreetzAA Rashid and K. Burns.



The production on here is heavy on dusty old school, jazz and soul. Dirty Diggs, based in Los Angeles, is composed of brothers JR and Noy. You may know them for their affiliation with Planet Asia and the Gold Chain Military camp. These guys take pride in preserving the culture of crate digging and creating beats off of vinyl as much as possible. Aside from having the gift of flipping samples and loops, they’ve also shot music videos.

Dirty Diggs (JR and Noy)

Dirty Diggs had a few projects released over the years, such as ‘Chainstrumentals Vol. 1′, ‘The Shining’, ‘7 Figure Patterns’, and Petty Tendergrass’, just to name a few.  Aside from their own projects, they’ve produced songs on the albums of countless artists. Initially being introduced to Planet Asia from Killa Kali, that connection opened so many doors for the duo and they ended up working with Hus Kingpin and the rest of #thewinners crew. When you combine the Gold Chain Military crew with #thewinners, you get the #ChainWinners. 

$auce Heist has his own Heist Life crew with Ty Da Dale and BabyMaine Heist. The trio will be performing on stage together for the first time on September 28th. $auce had 2 EP’s ‘SAUCExMONK 1 & 2′ with Camoflauge Monk, the ‘Waza’ EP produced by Wazasnics from Japan, and the ‘Nu Kingz’ EP that featured El Camino and Dot Demo. He’s steadily building an impressive resume in the East Coast underground scene and is branching out beyond that, especially with the diversity of producers he’s been working with.

$auce Heist


Nowadays, artists aren’t always just thinking regional, and many reach out to producers who aren’t local. This joining forces of a New York spitter with Los Angeles producers is not an unusual thing, and it worked well for this album. Some of my favorite tracks were “Take It Slow” featuring Eto, Heist Cloth ft. Mooch & Rigz,  “Arcade Night” featuring Rome Streetz & Al.Divino, and “Gasol Sauce” featuring Jamal Gasol. There are also some tracks that had no features, such as “Mo Money”, and “Love 43VA”. Be sure to check the new album out on Bandcamp, as well as the other previously mentioned projects to add to your playlist.