Because “In The End” Ren Thomas Affirms Life’s A Downer

Ren Thomas released his final #Rensday single of Vol1. What happens when one of the most militant and aggressive emcee spits bars from his warped core? “In The End” will manifest hair-raising chills with and a heave heart.

“We watch the world burn down and light a cigarette on it, now there ain’t no love found. This one’s for the dead homies, I need a breath of fresh air so I can see where we going. I’ll see you when we get there, just have a shot ready for me.” — Ren Thomas

It might be fair to say that 2018 has been quite an unimaginable year, “Purge” style. Ren addresses the demonic commonalities of hate, politics, and drugs.  The depressive  effects, “In The End”, can manifest a mind crippling desire to leave our physical being behind.

There is nothing lighthearted about this record, and true fans of Ren already know his deliverance is not supplied with cake batter; don’t expect a “Kumbaya” record.  Lyrically he emanates the realest of real, bar for bar of grueling honesty.  This is evident from the raw emotion locked on his face over distressing images popping onto the screen.

Watch “In The End” produced by Solo For Dolo & directed by Chris “Creasy” Reg and shot by A-Starr Productions