Nigeria’s Phlow Drops Nostalgic Bars on ‘Asuai (Vol. 2)’

Phlow packs vivid imagery, engaging storytelling, and emotionally stirring nostalgia into her latest project, Asuai (Vol. 2) — and she somehow does it all in less than seven minutes. She embraces the warmth and soul of the production provided by Montreal’s Dr. MaD, whose beats rattle and creak beneath her smooth vocals.

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Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, Phlow’s growth since releasing the first Asuai in 2016 is apparent, and you can hear it in the confidence in her voice. She flows so naturally over Mad’s production that you almost get the sense she was in the room as he was crafting the instrumentals, blacking out lyrically over the dusty sounds from years past.

As Phlow tells it, each instrumental helped shape the theme of each track, which subsequently led to the greater vibe of Asuai (Vol. 2). It’s a musical trip back to her younger days, to a time where life was simpler and filled with hope (opener “Callow.”). But it was also a time of realization (“On Your Own”) and reflection (“Musing/Reverie”), ultimately leading to her answering the question of “What advice would you give your younger self?” on closing track “BYOH (Be Your Own Hero).”

For Phlow, those words of wisdom would be: “Revel in all the fun you have now, be you, and just work hard.” The thing is, from listening to Asuai (Vol. 2), it’s clear that she’s already taken those words to heart.

Asuai (Vol. 2) is available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms through Str8Buttah Productions, right on time for Phlow’s birthday. Be sure to check out the first volume as well, which available now for the first time through all DSPs, and go send Phlow your bday shouts on Twitter: @Phlowetry

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