Edweird & Vic Grimes Connect to Deliver ‘Gonzo’

There’s a serious wave of rappers consistently coming for your neck out of Toronto. You ask for the filth, that’s what they’re gonna serve you and then some. Bringing in another dynamic but still repping the same home team, Edweird has linked with Crate Divizion producer Vic Grimes to release his second full length project Gonzo. He has an unconventional style that fits his name and personality, which you get from him, especially in his music. ‘Gonzo’ brings a unique blend of alternative hip hop, funk, and boom bap beats combined in a way that only Edweird would be able to pull off.


Gonzo front

Prior to ‘Gonzo’, Ed’s last album was ‘Antigravity Asylum’. He also had a string of earlier projects that were independently released, such as ‘Ball Weight’, ‘The Different’, and ‘C.H.U.D Complex’, which are all available on SoundCloud. When he isn’t recording, Edweird is an explorer of his surroundings. A city dweller who loves to stroll around and capture the moments with his photography skills. He references a lot of these experiences in his songs. Engineered by the Wav.God aka Futurewave, ‘Gonzo’ has a cameo from Asun Eastwood, and features by Mercenary and Daniel Son. 

Vic Grimes has contributed a lot to the almighty Crate Divizion crew alongside PhybaOptikz and Giallo Point. Some of these projects include Divizion Rivals and Parisian Connections‘. A lot of his beats have a jazzy, vintage style, aged like fine wine, complete with the drum heavy boom bap soundscapes. ‘Gonzo’ was a beautifully crafted effort from both Edweird and Vic Grimes. 

The first single release is “Eddie Munster”, which also has a video currently out directed by Mercenary.

“I’m the pick of the litter, you pick shit out the litter / I speak sweet and then spit out the bitter…” — Edweird

Another joint I dug was “Dead Ringers” in which Mercenary steps away from the director zone and gets on the mic to drop some bars. Edweird sounded really good over this beat:

“Remember this, you’re dealing with some menaces / this season we defeatin every nemesis / next genesis hanging with degenerates / made a name now I need them to remember it…” — Edweird

Certain tracks make you feel like you’re walking around Haight Street in pre-gentrified San Francisco passing the psychedelic shops. Or chilling in one of those shops’ back of the store basements, maybe a little high while you’re at it. Two particular tracks that gave off that vibe to me, one which was “Sacred Elephant”, in which a video for it will drop on September 21st. Then there’s “Teeth Have Teeth”: 

“Still talkin like my teeth have teeth / sittin with the peace pipe, chief my trees / climbing higher til I reach that peak / I wanna see the universe without leaving my seat…” — Edweird

“Thumb War” had a bit of a vibe reminiscent of the early 2000’s Hieroglyphics crew, if you’re familiar with their sound from that time:

“I’m not settlin for seconds, here to save the game and I’m going out a legend…” — Edweird

My most favorite track off the entire album is “Chickens in Flatbush” featuring Daniel Son. It’s got such a slow, chill beat that gets you lost in your thoughts while you unwind and smoke a blunt.

“Cherry Lo, but the timbs are maraschino / blowin’ smoke out a two tone El Camino” — Edweird

The future is packed with more to come from Edweird. He has music videos, which are available on his YouTube channel, older projects on SoundCloud, and both of his full length albums on Bandcamp (click the links to support). All his accounts are searchable under the name EdweirdNoise.

It’s been a great couple of years and counting for the current underground hip hop scene in T-Dot. It’s only a matter of time before it’s on full force and more people will see that these artists from the north side of the map can’t be touched.