Premiere: Seed X Nottz Present Their Latest Single & Trailer for “The Devil’s in the White House”

Weekly Rap Gods is giving you both the exclusive listen and trailer to Seed X Nottz‘s second single off their highly anticipated album, No Way In Hell, titled “The Devil’s in the White House”.

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Songs of this calibre are what we need to counter “drug culture” in hip hop music. We as a people are definitely dealing with a corrupt political climate that is spiraling out of control. Seed speaks on police killing, brutality, and the issues that many people tend to take a blind eye to. I love the fact that this song is so relevant to the current struggles in the good old U.S. of A. There is an ongoing battle within our society that places more value on a flag than innocent black people being murdered by the police. This is a country that promises liberty and justice for all, yet only certain individuals are afforded that opportunity. The leadership we have in president-elect is only magnifying hatred and racism.

The message Seed brings us is powerful, thought-provoking, and delivered eloquently. And Nottz’s production is just insane! The heavy bassline and hard drums evoke serious feelings. The onset of the song let’s you know it’s about to be a deep topic, but it still maintains heavy boom bap appeal.

Listen, watch, learn and stay tuned for the video dropping very soon!

EXCLUSIVE: Listen to Seed X Nottz’s “The Devil’s in the White House” Single

EXCLUSIVE: Watch Seed X Nottz’s “The Devil’s in the White House” Video