It’s ‘Rock Season’, Bubba Rock Drops “What’s the Word” Single

Long Island MC Bubba Rock drops his latest single “What’s The Word”, produced by Flight Dreams.

As summer is fading, Hip Hop heads are gearing up for ‘Rock Season’. For Bubba that gear consists of his sharp pen and rock solid lyrics.  He’s been defined as one of the ill-est MC’s out of Long Island with a flow authentic to traditional Hip Hop roots.  “What’s The Word” is another example of his clever wordplay,  “When I was coming up you was a preemie rubbin on the bottle like a genie.”

“What’s the Word” is a breezy record to indulge in, “I just want to sit back relax shoot dice with my constituents gettin’ sky high, no middle crack shoot them shit’s again.”  Don’t get to relaxed, remember it’s ‘Rock Season’.

Listen to “What’s The Word” here