Hakim Green and Mysonne Rally Up To “Dump Trump”


It was only a matter of time before two of the most influential Hip Hop revolutionists and lyrical mercenaries joined forces to collaborate on a record.  Hakim Green of the legendary group Channel Live brings on today’s voice of the people Mysonne to “Dump Trump”.

The duo depict the record as Hip Hop’s answer to Politics. The video was filmed in New York, ironically the birth of Hip Hop as well as Trump’s.  The prodigal rebuff begins with excerpts from Trump’s controversial speeches. Reckless speeches addressing African-American culture and women in the most derogatory and exploitive manners.

Hakim and Mysonne provide listeners with a timeline of events that have resulted in a tainted and hateful country since #45 was elected as President. The video includes clips from other acclaimed conscious MC’s such as Chuck DErick Sermon, Sadat X, Lord Jamar, and more.  The jewels dropped by Hakim and Mysonne are matter of fact, in your face, and execute a well driven expressive protest.

Watch “Dump Trump” Here