Premiere: Mic Handz & Rockness Monsta (Heltah Skeltah) Exchange Heavy Bars In “Run It” Video

Mic Handz is a testimony to one being resilient and having a strong work ethic! As he revealed in his interview with Weekly Rap Gods, he has been dealing with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) for almost a decade. Yet, he continues to have an active rap and acting career, while operating an upcoming magazine named Validated.

Mic Handz: The Man & The Music (Interview)

This weekend a successful fundraiser was thrown on behalf of Mic Handz. There were riveting performances from major hip hop artists such as Royal Flush, Large Pro, Neek the Exotic, M.O.P, Craig G, Mr. Cheeks, Grand Puba, Lil Cease, Tragedy Khadafi, Black Rob and countless others! Now Mic Handz is ready for the music to take off!

The Def Squad signee and Boot Camp affiliate Mic Handz is back 4 days out of surgery with a new release and visual for the Blvckmarket LLC titled “Run It” featuring Health Skeltah’s own Rockness Monsta. You can find this banger on his Blvcklist: Rise of The Daywalker EP. The song embodies that authentic boom bap New York brings to the table. “Run It” is high energy and an onslaught of invigorating bars. Pure mayhem brought to you straight out of Flatbush and Brownsville! Brooklyn is my hometown, and I’m loving the authenticity of the sound!



The visuals for “Run It” brings us Mic Handz and Rockness with a gritty bar exchange in a dimly lit urban setting. Mic Handz presence is felt throughout this video as he spits his verses. He always elevates any song he’s on. He chose the perfect person to match his energy on this joint. Rockness never disappoints with his commanding voice, superb wordplay and charismatic personality. This dynamic duo is definitely delivering a power packed performance I thoroughly enjoyed. The visuals for “Run It” are captured by the lens of The Last American B-Boy — one of the illest directors in hip hop. His visual aesthetic for hardcore videos is impeccable and true to the culture.

Watch “Run It” Video