Awkword Unites With Friends For Powerful “I Am” Video

Hip Hop’s global reach brings us some remarkable projects. Ever so often I get video submissions. I was blessed with a sneak preview of a dope video, and I was thoroughly impressed. The lyrical delivery and soulful vocals on the hook of the song is gratifying and electric.


I’m talking about Awkword, who just dropped a video titled “I Am” featuring a host of dope MCs, such as Modenine, Five Steez, Third Eye, Holstar, Wakazi and also The Assembly & Maka. “I Am” was produced by WRG’s own Teck-Zilla, who is also a well known beat creator internationally.

The video was shot at various locations namely Nigeria, Tanzania, Zambia, Jamaica, Malawi, South Africa and USA. Each artist’s personality is reflected in their bars. The cultural setting of the video also adds a genuine appeal to the visuals. Some of the clothing was sponsored by Aerosoul Limited — an emerging apparel line based in London. The video sends a strong message about hip hop and its impact. It describes the love and struggles of the hip hop culture. Nonetheless, hip hop is always triumphant. It continues to grow internationally and connect people of all cultural backgrounds.

Get your virtual passport and enjoy this global collaboration!

Watch “I Am” Video