Cypress Hill Drops New Video Teaser “Band of Gypsies” off the Forthcoming Album “Elephants on Acid”

Fans around the world are anxiously anticipating the release of Cypress Hill new album titled Elephants on Acid. The album will be available September 28th, but can be pre-ordered here.


Cypress Hill can be noted as one of the main originators of West Coast rap and Hip Hop in the early 90’s as well as the first Latino American Hip Hop group with platinum and multi-platinum albums with over 20 million sales worldwide. Group members B-Real, Sen Dog, DJ Muggs and Eric Bobo are also recognized globally for their roles as Cannabis advocates, which is mentioned in nearly every record released.

Their cool vibe, high induced lyrics, and distinct vocals separated their style from other artists, as well as the blends of euphoric rhythms and suspenseful pulsations by DJ Muggs. From 1988-2018, that utopian marriage of lyrics and production has yet to be replicated.

On September 28th, Cypress Hill will release their ninth album Elephants on Acid. To hold fans over the group dropped the video for “Band of Gypsies”, a single off the new album.

“Band of Gypsies” is an amped-up yet free spirited track that takes listeners on a Jim Morrison meets Cypress Hill journey, with plenty of Cannabis features and references to catch a contact high. DJ Muggs goes in with Egyptian based accents and psychedelic sounds that flow flawlessly over hard-knocking beats.

Watch “Band of Gypsies” Video