Kil Ripkin Delivers “Powerful Impact” Video

Earlier this year, Kil Ripkin released his M.O.R. – Medulla Oblongata Rap album. Now Kil brings us his latest visuals for “Powerful Impact”. The title says it all. Kil has uplifting bars with an ill delivery.


There is meaningful symbolism throughout the video. The Moorish flags are waved proudly. I love watching positive videos with creative imagery that truly reflects the message in the music and the person’s true lifestyle. It’s okay to step outside of the box and into an ascension meditation pyramid. Kil Ripkin did just that…literally. He took an innovative approach towards this video and it was just the right balance to take in visually.

Kil is high energy with a refreshing vibe I’d love to hear more of. Overall, the video was dope. We need more artistry like this in the culture. The impact from the lyrics and visuals are indeed powerful. Be empowered. And enjoy Kil Ripkin’s “Powerful Impact” video!

Watch “Powerful Impact” Video