Otis Clapp Leaves The World With His “Eulogy” In New Video

Queens rapper Otis Clapp‘s premonition adds to the dark tone of his forthcoming Quentin EP on the project’s third leak, “Eulogy.” Here’s what Otis had to say about his thought process and the concept behind Quentin and “Eulogy”:

“During the writing process for ‘Quentin’, I thought a lot about death. Not necessarily suicide, but more how I wouldn’t want people to be upset at my wake if I DID die. Unconventional to some, but through the good and bad, I’m living the life I want to live. If I died tomorrow and was able to speak at my own wake, “Eulogy” would be my final thoughts and perspectives to offer the world.” – Otis Clapp

“Eulogy” is from Otis’ forthcoming Quentin EP, which is set to drop Friday, August 31st, and will serve as the follow-up to his 2017 Helen Keller project. Entirely produced by  Ricky VaughnQuentin is an introduction to Otis’ alter ego Quentin Ballantino — a mashup of one of Otis’ favorite movie directors, Quentin Tarantino, and his favorite beer, Ballantine.

Watch Otis Clapp’s “Eulogy” Video